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Insurance claims, reimagined.

Insurers can offer a truly customer-centric claim experience with the omni:us AI Platform. Designed for insurers, focused on the customer.

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Energized by AI.
Inspired by empathy.

Offer breakthrough customer service with a data-driven, lightweight AI platform that automates data-intense, back-end workflows – empowering your claims teams to act with enhanced accuracy and care. Trademark customer experience with omni:us.

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“Major insurers like us, we are used to doing things a certain way, and companies like omni:us give us inspiration to say: do differently.”

Monika Schulze, Global Head of Customer Experience & Digital Strategy

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Data-driven insurance:
the new standard.

As data volumes surge, streamline the flow of information between lines of business, third-parties and customers. Seamlessly augment your legacy system, empower your workforce and drive new growth via AI-powered, data-driven claims management.

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omni:us is proud to be one of Europe‘s Horizon2020 SME-Instrument and Fet Flag Champions.
We are grateful to have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 820323; 850053.

Co-financed by European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE)
Pro Fit-Project "Vollautomatisierung der Wertschöpfungskette im Digitalisierungsprozess von Archivdaten" with support of IBB/EFRE in 2016/2017.